When we communicate sustainable food, most really don’t talk about “Life cycle assessments”. Yet they can bring better farming techniques and animal awareness to farmers and those who regularly work with the meat industry. Collaborating with farmers and adjusting the way that they are paid will end up bringing much larger improvements into the food handling industry itself. So we need to be starting at the source.

Below is my TV segment with NYC Media. It was around Earth Month in 2017 but STILL RELEVANT. It’s all around on Sustainable Food. We touch a lot of the things listed about the life cycle assessment and other things too!

I really also suggest to check out the Union Square Farmers Market! The most amazing sustainable food you’ve ever tasted  For real!

sustainable food TV segment. Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy talking about life cycle of sustainable food.

Hope you enjoy the segment and also I gave an infographic on the other ways to make food more sustainable (besides composing which we talk about in the video below!).

As I’ve written before:

First of all, since the world’s population continues to grow, sustainable food production must grow with it. Another way to look at this, maybe we need to expand by as much as 70 percent globally. Worst off, some counties have to increase food production by 100 percent by 2050.

Seems like we always are dealing with the constant need for food production. Food demand puts pressure on land and water. Those are the resources we need to sustain it.

Sustainable food cycle on food. Chart on sustainable food and life cycles

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