Green lighting goes Marguette University. With pedestrian lighting Gone LED it accentuates the Marquette University campus. It always featured a classic look in a cast aluminum decorative.  While the decorative fixtures enhanced the character of Marquette University. Yet they weren’t energy efficient.

So Marquette University combined traditional aesthetics. Then combining cast aluminum decorative with LED energy-saving technology.

As mentioned before:

The power consumption of 10 old style bulbs can reach up to 600w. So the electricity sold is in units of kWh, so the total consumption is 0.6kWh. So as I wrote in the Book Green Lighting, if you replace the old style bulb with 6W LED, the cost and unit sold will be one tenth less.

cast aluminum decorative, Cree LED at Marquette University

Marquette University installed 59 RiponLED fixtures made by Sternberg Lighting. It’s for around both the new Law School and College of Engineering.

These outdoor LED lighting fixtures have the same classic look as the other Ripon fixtures across the campus. However they consume nearly 50 percent less energy. That’s since the fixtures used old metal halide lamps.

“We kept the aesthetic because we had invested in (this look) for 15 years, and they are one of the features that helps give the campus identity,” said University Architect Tom Ganey.

The luminaire shall feature a fully cast aluminum decorative cage surrounding the acorn. The cage shall consist of a ring with 16 raised panels and 4 slender “Y” shaped supports. An aluminum roof is hinged to the ring for internal access, it is gasketed to resist bug entry and the lens is sealed and weatherproofed with neoprene u-channel. The acorn globe shall be made of vandal resistant textured polycarbonate or dent resistant (DR) textured acrylic and shall be appointed with a cast aluminum decorative finial. The luminaire shall be U.L. listed in U.S. and Canada.

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