Energy solutions have been the major debate among users IG LED lighting. Many solutions have been undertaken by companies and household to overcome the energy issue. Increasing electricity bill and huge energy consumption is the major concern that every user undergoes. Do you know a normal incandescent light bulb is actually a heater having by-product of light? Over 90% of energy is turned into heat. So the best way is to switch over LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) which are 10 times more efficient that converts electricity into light. You can seek advice and understand more about this energy saving product through any LED lighting specialists.

INUI Led lighting panels

According to Tim Holt, chief executive of Strathclyde University’s Institute of Photonics in Scotland, “LEDs are about to change the way we see things forever. We are only just at the start of the LED lighting revolution.”

Let us now check some of the advantages of switching over to LED lightings:

1) Long Life:

This stands to be the number one benefit of LED lightings. Bulbs and diodes in LED have lifetime operational expectations which can go upto 11 yrs. LEDs emit a lower output level and become less bright that helps in maintaining their original brightness throughout lifespan.

PAR 30 Lamp from MSi Lighting all LED
PAR 30 Lamp from MSi Lighting all LED








Many LED lighting specialists and manufacturers even claim that it will last for 40,000 hours or even more.

2) Less Power Consumption:

The power consumption of 10 old style bulbs can reach upto 600w. So the electricity sold is in units of kWh, so the total consumption is 0.6kWh. So as I wrote in the Book Green Lighting, if you replace the old style bulb with 6W LED, the cost and unit sold will be one tenth less.

3) Comes in all Shapes:

LED bulbs come in all shapes and sizes. Additionally, it produces a variety of shades of light and warm white. In fact, they generally don’t heat and is the best alternative to hotter bulbs.

Outdoor LED Lighting




4) High Energy Saver:

One of the reasons why LED is the best choice is because it saves a lot of energy. According to US Department of Energy, if the entire country switches over to LED lighting over next 20 years, this could help with energy cost savings of $120bn.

5) Durability:

Another benefit of using LEDs is they are not made up of glass and have hollow inside. Moreover, they are less fragile compared to incandescent bulbs. LEDs are resistant to shock and are the best considered option for outdoor lighting.

6) Short-Term Cost:

In recent times, LED prices have shot down considerably. For instance, Iris by Lowe’s sells LED bulbs that cost less than $40.00. The best part is, some consume less than or only 12 watts and if used for 2 hours a day would cost you $1.00 a year. The same if used by installing CFL will cost $5.00 a year.

LEDs are no doubt the best way to save energy and cost. For business, this can be helpful in getting tax rebates and other state rebate programs.

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