I helped launch of Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting, a free program that will help Connecticut homeowners save on their electricity bills by switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting is part of the larger Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge. The program is a free and simple first step for homeowners who want to reduce their energy consumption. Seth Leitman, co-author of the book “Green Lighting” – who is often referred to as
“the green living guy,” took center stage at the program’s launch event at Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) to discuss his new book and the importance of energy efficiency.

“If more people in our communities switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs, light emitting diodes, day lighting and other greener lighting options, we would be able to save more than enough energy costs to stop building coal, nuclear and natural gas power plants,” Leitman said. “People are afraid of transitioning to CFLs or LEDs because they don’t know enough about them. That’s why we need to get the word out about green lighting.”

“ECSU and Windham are working together to bring the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge to households throughout the community,” said Laurel Kohl, an Education and Training Energy Specialist at ECSU’s Institute for Sustainable Energy. “I am pleased how well our community has
come together with the campaign to rally our residents around these important money-saving issues.”

Lighting accounts for 10 to 15 percent of electricity consumption in an average home, adding up to between $200 and $300 over the course of a year. Switching to energy efficient bulbs can save families at least $100 per year and will greatly reduce the amount of energy wasted through the use
of outdated incandescent light bulbs. Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting will provide free lighting consultations and energy efficient light bulb replacements to participating households.

The program is available for a limited-time: only the first 2,000 eligible households in Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge towns will be able to participate. One of the first 250 households to sign up for Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting will be selected to receive a special prize: a personal
consultation from Leitman and the Neighbor to Neighbor Clean Energy Corps.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Clean Energy Corps, a team of 10 recent college graduates working with Connecticut residents to reduce energy waste, recently received residential lighting certificates after completing a course from the Lighting Research Center at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The Clean Energy Corps will visit participating households to perform energy efficient light installations and educate homeowners on efficient lighting technology.

These were the members of the Corps! Hoorah!!“We are so excited to launch Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting,” said Bryan Garcia, Chief Community Officer for Earth Markets, the organization that designed the program. “This is another great way that Neighbor to Neighbor is helping residents lower their monthly bills in communities across Connecticut.”

Eligible residents can get started and go to ctenergychallenge.com/lighting. There, they can sign up for Neighbor to Neighbor email updates and join the growing movement to reduce Connecticut’s energy waste.

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