Games Go Green: Sudoku Deluxe Green Edition

Get ready to boost your brain and see how the Soduku Mobile Deluxe Green Edition can turn your in-game points into a healthier and greener planet. Enjoy the newly enhanced gameplay with all of the great features of the original top seller. Choose from any of the UNLIMITED PUZZLES at 4 difficulties. Plus, get FREE downloadable updates with new puzzles, fun backgrounds, Rewards Store and real-time leaderboards.

One of our main goals in Sudoku Deluxe Green Edition is to help out the environment by planting 3 trees for every user who buys a copy of our game.

6658 trees planted to date!!

You can also send a tree as gift to a friend.When you finish a Daily Puzzle, you will have the opportunity to post your score to the Worldwide Leaderboard.  Each day’s Leaderboards will roll over at 12AM PST.

Branching allows you to set a save point in your game and explore a possible avenue towards the solution without losing your correct squares.

Sudoku Deluxe® Green Edition is the fun, feel-good game that makes it easy to join a great cause: Greening our planet! Like many of us, Mobile Deluxe wants to help the environment. Approximately 25,000,000 trees are cut down every year causing environmental harm such as deforestation, global warming and air pollution. Working together with our eco-partner, Trees for the Future, we can make a difference by giving back to our planet, one tree at a time.

Mobile Deluxe has made helping the environment fun and simple. All you have to do is play your favorite sudoku game: Sudoku Deluxe® Green Edition! When playing, you earn points that unlock Tree Codes. Once you’ve unlocked a Tree Code, you can submit your Tree Code on this site and Mobile Deluxe will make a donation to Trees for the Future. This donation will plant one tree where it is needed most on our wonderful planet. You can earn up to 3 Tree Codes in all when playing Sudoku Deluxe(R) Green Edition. That’s 3 trees planted on our planet Earth!

Help them reach their goal of planting 25,000 new trees around the world. Together, we can form a more sustainable and healthy environment for ourselves and future generations.

*Mobile Deluxe will donate the appropriate funds for one tree to Trees for the Future for every valid Tree Code submission.


  • The most cost-effective way to meet the threat of global climate change is by restoring tree cover to the world’s barren lands.
  • We can take CO2 out of the atmosphere by simply planting trees. Through photosynthesis, trees take CO2 out of the air, replacing it with life-giving oxygen.
  • Each tree planted in the humid tropics absorbs 50 pounds (22 kg) of carbon dioxide every year for at least 40 years – each tree will absorb 1 ton of CO2 over its lifetime!!

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