I just learned that it’s estimated that 555 million Yellow Page phone books are distributed in the US every year?

Not only are the phone books updated and reprinted annually, but with internet and smartphone technologies they are increasingly becoming obsolete.

Poynt is now another free app for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Nokia smartphones offers consumers the power of the Yellow Pages (and white pages) in one intuitive application that lives on their phone.

Poynt offers users information on local businesses, restaurants, movie theaters, as well as local events, weather and gas prices. Poynt also gives users the ability to make restaurant reservations, check out movie previews and purchase movie tickets.

Yellow Pages is aware of the current situation and has made it easier then ever to opt out of receiving a phone book every year as well as make their data available digitally.

For additional information on the Poynt app visit:

To stop having the Yellow Pages delivered to your house:

However, recognize that we need to consumer power when we use a blackberry so always make it renewable energy!!

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