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Back in 2010; yes it’s a while back, I was going through my book tour startups.  Yet, getting to meet people and celebrate green living.  So a while back in the midst of the Green Living Guy book tour, I went to an outdoor market at Gossetts Farm in Katonah, New Yorkfor organic, green great eats and drinks.

Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle by Carl VogelWhile it was a rainy day, it was all about motorcycles; electric motorcycles.  Gossetts outdoor farmer’s market had:

Kids and dogs showed up too.  It was fun.

Carl and I had a location in the back of this free was all the way in the back near a tarp.  Yet, it was amazing.  I appreciated seeing the info still there and thinking isn’t this cool to get the word out.  People like Heather from Katonah Green to make an event work.

There were organic cheeses, local coffee stores, people who sold deer meat.  Yet, they left this page on the internet to remember the day.  So cool how people do that..

Wow- this we have Seth Leitman and Carl Vogel joining us to answer all your questions about electric car conversions and building your own electric motorcycle. Carl can also answer questions regarding Biodiesel and Straight Veg Oil conversions.

I want to acknowledge that day because it’s the right thing to do for the Green Guru Guides, the book Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Carl Vogel’s book Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle, my classic Build Your Own Electric Vehicle and now the great series of books for the Green Guru Guides.

More importantly, it’s a recognition of Heather Flournoy’s work and Gossetts Farm in Katonah, New York for housing me for some time to talk about this stuff to people.

It’s not easy explaining things if you can’t, yet Carl and I knew what we were doing.  I was saying for build your own PHEV that you can take a Toyota Prius and make it have an electric plug and go almost 200 miles per gallon.  Carl would have them on motorcycles but then he had his movie driving it cross country with Shawn Murphy in Cool Fuel Road trip that’s on Discovery Channel.

More stuff coming from the guides shortly and this is going to be a great book.  Anyway, it was a good day for green living and today is a great day for electric motorcycles. plug in hybrid electric vehicles and more.  BTW, more to come on converting your 2nd generation Toyota Prius to 200 mile per gallon plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

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