USDA Gives Thumbs Up To Green Earth Technologies.

Source: Green Earth Technologies

US Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan  announced Green Earth Technologies, Inc. has been named one of the first companies approved to use USDA’s new product label on certified bio-based products. The announcement was made at a bio-based product meeting held in Glenwillow, Ohio.  

I have to say for the record that I also tested their products last summer.  I did write a story about it back then but it was before this announcement.  Heck it was in the Home Depot??!!

So, I drove my Honda Civic last year and realized how great the car felt on Green Earth Technologies.

Green Earth Technologies is a “totally green” clean tech company that combines sustainable, American sourced, bio-based ingredients with proprietary technologies shaped around the four ideologies of being GREEN: biodegradable, renewable, recyclable and environmentally safe.

Bio-based products are those composed wholly or significantly of agricultural ingredients – renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials.

This new label indicates that the product has been independently certified to meet USDA BioPreferred program standards for bio-based content.

Bio-based products can help increase U.S. energy independence by reducing the use of petroleum in manufactured products. They may also reduce the introduction of fossil carbon into the atmosphere, thus mitigating potential climate change impacts.

“These companies are proving that innovation and agriculture can grow together to build a foundation for future growth in rural America as we work to win the future,” said Deputy Secretary Merrigan. “Consumer cleaning products, containers, and the ‘intermediate materials’ used to manufacture them — made from agriculturally-sourced ingredients — help add value to commodities, create jobs in rural communities, and can reduce our dependence on imported oil.”

Through implementation of the pre-existing USDA BioPreferred program, the Secretary of Agriculture has designated 5,100 bio-based products for preferred purchasing by Federal agencies. The new label makes identification of these products easier for Federal buyers and will increase awareness of these high-value products in the commercial and consumer markets. USDA estimates that there are 20,000 bio-based products currently being manufactured in the United States.

The Green Earth Technologies’ products recognized in the USDA bio-based label program include G-OIL 2-Cycle Bio-Synthetic Engine Oil, G-OIL 4-cycle SAE 30 Bio-Synthetic Engine Oil, G-OIL 10W-30 Bio-Synthetic Engine  Oil and GET’s hero product, G-OIL 5W-30 Bio-Based Full Synthetic Motor Oil.  G-OIL is the world’s first and only American Petroleum Certified bio-based full synthetic motor oil.

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