So let’s talk plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and the smart grid. Silver Spring Networks, a Smart Grid software company has got their hands on a 2012 prototype Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).  Yet, what is a PHEV? A PHEV is taking a Ford Fusion or C-MAX hybrid or the Energi brand. Now take a Toyota Prius (for example) and convert or buy the plugin to become a partial electric car.  So, the car turns on EV for up to say 40 to 50 or 60 miles per hour and then goes hybrid mode, equaling 100-250 miles per gallon.

This could be big if we are commuters using mass transit or even stuck on the Brooklyn / Queens Expressway (otherwise known as theBQE). PHEV andSmartGrid Demonstration Program – Silver Spring To Test Real Time Smart Grid For Selling Power Back To GridPHEV or even Electric CARS (EV) at the train station in a city to charge up at night can add load leveling which helps the electric grid.  So when you charge your electric car at night, it’s like a solar panel does reversing the meter backwards. Then the electric company pays you (versus the lovely way it isright now!).

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Ford C-MAX energi plug in hybrid

Silicon Valley Is All In On This Idea!  Look 8,000 Cars = 1 MW of Power! Yup, if you take 8,000 cars and connect them to the grid, you can create about 1 megawatt (1 MW) of power. With all the cars we have in this country, we can get off of oil like a bad habit. While the Toyota Prius becomes a plug in hybrid electric vehicle, there are several other hybrid cars that SHOULD become a plug-in or a PHEV too.  Here are the top 5 cars:

1. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid electric vehicle. If you drive around town the mileage increases from the measly 41 miles per gallon it can become 220 miles per gallon.

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Lincoln MKZ hybrid

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2. Pricing for All-New 2011 Lexus CT 200h to Start Below $30,000!