LONDON, ENGLAND — May 16, 2011 – Verismic Software, a leader in PC power management, now provides customers with the ability to manage the energy used by desktop and notebook laptops via mobile devices, following the release of Power Manager v3.1.

Power Manager v3.1 adds the Verismic WakeUpPC mobile application, which brings direct energy, productivity and cost savings through:

Verismic’s WakeUpPC mobile app works alongside Verismic’s existing Wake-on-Web facility.  Companies, IT managers and individual users can take advantage of Verismic’s Wake-on-Web facility to ‘power on’ desktop and notebook PCs remotely using a smartphone equipped with the Verismic WakeUpPC app. Furthermore, existing Power Manager customers, such as Boulder Valley School District can look forward to seeing additional cost savings  by reassuring all employees that their computers will be available anywhere, anytime with the new WakeUpPC App.

Power Manager v3.1 also includes enhancements for IT managers looking to identify and manage further energy efficiency opportunities. Firstly, improved logging capabilities enables centralised troubleshooting to eliminate poor performing PCs and identify opportunities for further saving. Second, updated reporting enhancements include a Dynamic Efficiency Savings Report and Active Systems Report, allowing companies to streamline future hardware purchasing decisions and forecast more accurate energy spending. With VPM 3.1 support for the Mac platform has been added allowing additional savings from the growing number of Macs seen in organizations today.

Ashley Leonard, president and CEO of Verismic Software commented; “Power Manager v3.1 uniquely empowers our customers and their staff to make a commitment to energy, productivity and cost improvements. Our mobile application means that users can sit down in any location and, with the organisation’s permission, turn on their work PC remotely and get to work using a range of remote access tools.”

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