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Pet Pick-Ups is proud to introduce its first compostable pick up bag for dog waste made from FKuR’s bioresin.

Colorado based Pet Pick-Ups offers dog owners a quick, easy and affordable way to clean up after their pets in public places. Pet Pick-Ups is a member of Co-op America Business Network and is therefore committed to finding green solutions for their product lines.

“The fact that FKuR’s bioplastic compounds are certified compostable (according to ASTM D 6400) and contain renewable raw material convinced us,” said Jill Wiltse one of the founders of Pet Pick-Ups.

For the pickup bags, a film made of Bio-Flex® F 1130 supplied by Manchester Packaging Company was chosen. “The straightforward conversion process along with the good printability on our standard PE-LD lines were the decisive factors in choosing the materials from FKuR”, says Charles R. Armistead, CEO of Manchester Packaging Company.

Bio-Flex® F 1130 is a 100% drop in solution for regular PE and can easily be converted on standard PE-LD lines. Furthermore, it has a superior water resistance compared to starch based formulations. With Bio-Flex bags the humidity remains inside and unpleasant leakage can be avoided. Bioplastics are a class of polymers, which have properties comparable to conventional polymers, but are made from renewable resources and enable the biodegradability of products made from this material.

Pet Pick-Ups was founded in 1993 by two like-minded entrepreneurial women. The waste bags and disposal systems can be found across North America and have led to an increasing awareness among the population of pet owners.

Manchester Packaging Company is a family owned and operated custom manufacturer of plain and printed polyethylene blown film and bags. The company was founded in 1970 with the goal of providing their customers quality as well as economical packaging.

FKuR Plastics Corporation develops, produces and markets high value biopolymers under the brand names Bio-Flex® (PLA based blends), Biograde® (cellulose ester compounds) and Fibrolon® (natural fiber reinforced polymers). The close cooperation of the company with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT assures outstanding scientific, processing and quality standards.

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