Hey!  Anyone want a Volvo C30 Electric?   It’s left the station and also taking initial deliveries to leasing customers.  Expect mainly companies, authorities and also governmental bodies first.  Then the Netherlands and Europe.

Volvo C30 electric car
Photo of Volvo C30 electric car by TIPARRISH

For those US customers; forget about it.

The Volvo C30 Electric will be manufactured and delivered to leasing customers throughout Europe, including in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway only!!

About 250 cars will be built by end 2012, possibly more if market interest takes off.

C30 Electric at Michelin Bibendum, Berlin, Germany May 2011As Volvo reports:The Volvo C30 Electric is built on the regular assembly line in the Ghent factory and then transported to Göteborg for installation of the motor, batteries and other model-specific electronics. The batteries are installed where the fuel tank normally sits and also in a special compartment in the car’s central tunnel. As a result, the luggage compartment is unchanged. The car is recharged from a regular household power socket. A full recharge takes about 7 hours. The operating range is up to 150 kilometres per full charge. Top speed is 130 km/h and acceleration from 0-50 km/h takes four seconds.

Sources: Bloomberg News and Volvo Cars USA  

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