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WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 17, 2011 – Shoppers who want to save green – and be greener – during the holiday season are the focus of a major new push by the nonprofit Green America to make the Tuesday after every Thanksgiving “Green Tuesday.”

To kick off this new annual holiday shopping tradition, Green America’s website (  will be offering special deals for the week starting on the first “Green Tuesday” (November 29, 2011).

Much like Groupon does for general shoppers, offers discounts and deals from local and national green online businesses that are approved by Green America. features a new deal or discount every 24-48 hours.

Examples of special deals to be offered during the initial “Green Tuesday” week include the following products and services:

A total of 15-20 products and coupons ranging from 30-50 percent off will be featured from November 29 – December 6.  Additional “side deals” for 10-20 percent off also will be featured on Web pages. Additionally, the Facebook page ( will feature daily contests and special credits.

Green America Corporate Responsibility Director Todd Larsen said:   “Green Deals makes it possible to give great gifts for the holidays, while also giving back to the planet.  Many consumers who are turned off by shopping at big-box stores during the holiday season will welcome this opportunity to participate in a way that is in line with their values, and save money at the same time.”

Since its launch one year ago, has acquired over 160,000 green members and has featured over 150 deals from green businesses.

Jonah Mytro, director of, noted that a growing body of marketing research shows that there is a major audience for “Green Tuesday” as an annual shopping tradition:

  • 54 percent of shoppers say they consider elements of sustainability (sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, product use, disposal) as they select products and stores. (GMA/Deloitte Green Shopper Study, 2009 );

  • In 2009, 47 percent of consumers said they bought products from a socially or environmentally responsible company. Going into 2010, 76 percent of all consumers said they expected to purchase more from environmentally responsible companies. (Tiller, 2009);

  • 92 percent of mothers want to buy a product supporting a cause. They are also more likely to switch brands and have purchased more cause-related products in the past year than any other demographic. (Cone 2010 Cause Evolution Study – see above);

  • 88 percent of women say they like brands that “allow me to do something good.” (“Women, Power & Money: The Shift to the Female-Driven Economy,” Fleishman-Hillard/Harrison Group, 2010); and

  • 76 percent of Millennials want brands to be ecologically conscious. (Generate Insight, 2009).

  • In addition to the green products and services offered on, holiday shoppers can find great green purchases at:

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