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Energy $mart Communities, Elizabeth Silleck, Elyssa Rothe and the New Rochelle Business Improvement District want you to know that restaurants are being helped to save energy in New York State (Particularly New Rochelle)!

“It’s less about finances … now it’s becoming more about how to become a pioneer in a green restaurant, helping the community and setting a great example for the rest of the industry.”    

-Shaun Nagpal, Owner of Rangoli Indian Cuisine, New Rochelle.  

Rangoli Indian Cuisine, in addition to being rated best Indian restaurant in Westchester for the past nine years, has made laudable efforts toward focusing on sustainability. Visit, and click on the video above to hear more.

Rangoli Indian Cuisine from Elizabeth Silleck on Vimeo.

“If we can save some money, operate our businesses more efficiently, and make the environment safe for our children and their children, who would argue with that?” 

-Gary Torigian, Co-owner of Spectators Sports Bar, New Rochelle.

Spectators Sports Bar from Elizabeth Silleck on Vimeo.

Co-owners Steve Morris and Gary Torigian have run Spectators Sports Pub & Restaurant for 30 years, and looked to NYSERDA for the most cost-effective opportunities for cutting back energy use. Hear from Morris about what drove Spectators to get an energy audit in the video above.

Both restaurants used NYSERDA’s FREE FlexTech Energy Audit Program for small businesses and not-for-profits. The owners received detailed technical reports from Daylight Savings outlining the most cost-effective opportunities to reduce energy, with the goal of helping the owners develop a plan moving forward.
The restaurants may also be eligible for low-interest financing through NYSERDA’s Green Jobs-Green NY, as well as cash incentives to make equipment upgrades through NYSERDA’s Existing Facilities Program. For more information, visit NYSERDA’s NEW website at

Sources: Elyssa Rothe, (914) 572-4236, Co-Coordinator and 

Elizabeth Silleck, (914) 391-4250, Co-Coordinator of Courtney Strong


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