Yes folks. You’ve heard it here. So let me know if you want to schedule a real test drive of an electric car.

A I have mentioned before at Sustainable Westchester: Local Westchester municipalities, businesses, institutions, residents, and students can participate in the Sustainable Westchester electric vehicle (EV) initiative. We can help you navigate the options, sift through available incentives, and determine a path forward that best meets your needs.

EV’s can do everything a gas powered car can do. Car lovers take note, EV’s are fun to drive, with a 0 to 60 m/h in 3.4 seconds or less. They are virtually silent and coast very easily. Most importantly, they are safe and make a big difference in the environment.

As I’ve ALSO written before:

It saves you money to run: Save more than $1,000 a year in fuel savings by driving electric. That’s as it costs as little as cents per mile.

Nissan of New Rochelle is SITTING ON NISSAN LEAF’S

You get government investment: When you choose an electric car, you can get up to $2,000 off the cost of the car with the NYS Rebate. You can also get up to $7,500 tax credit off the cost of a most electric cars. Also the home charging point rebate is up to $1,500.

So finally,

Nissan Leaf: Nissan of New Rochelle is offering additional, exclusive Sustainable Westchester discounts on both 2019 & 2020 Nissan Leaf! The offer is available – so act now. You can be heading to the beach or ‘leaf-peeping’ this Fall in your new vehicle. Learn more about the Leaf at Nissan Leaf

Now I know you all are waiting for the new Nissan Ariya. Yet here’s the thing. Only Leaf customers get first crack at the car. Common!! Get the Leaf!

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