BOWIE, MD- SemaConnect, the leading EV Charging Station and Software company for commercial applications, today announced the introduction of their Remote Charging capability on all of our public electric vehicle charging stations across the country. This service will allow electric vehicle drivers to charge their electric vehicles easily through their Smartphone without having to swipe credit cards.
To use this new feature:
  1. electric vehicle drivers simply visit a SemaConnect ChargePro station (, access with a smartphone and click “start charging now.”
  2. They then enter the station serial number, which is printed right on the station along with any credit card details.
  3. The next step is to confirm the station location and cost. SEMA Charging By The App!! Source: SemaConnect
  4. Charging will then be remotely authorized and the driver will be able to plug into the charging station and begin charging.
  5. Once the charging session is complete, the user’s credit card will be charged for the cost of the charging session.
  6. There is no membership account required, unlike other companies that require a membership account to activate a charging session, so the process is swift and the electric vehicle driver won’t have to worry about carrying a specific card.
The service is fully automated and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available on all of our public ChargePro charging stations.
SemaConnect’s ChargePro™ EV charging stations are smart and sophisticated, yet simple, safe and reliable to use. In order to charge an electric vehicle, users unplug the connector from the station into the inlet on the electric vehicle. When the bright LED lights turn from blue to green, the vehicle is charging.
  • The company has grown vastly from it’s humble start-up days into the third largest EV Charging station company in the United States based on number of stations installed.
  • SemaConnect counts Walgreens, Brookfield Properties, Simon Properties and Corporate Office Properties Trusts among their cohort of growing clients.
  • When finished, users unplug the connector from the vehicle and return it to the station.
  • It’s as easy safe as plugging-in a cell phone.

Source: SemaConnect