CAMP PSOS. Is a summer day camp that incorporates water conservation education, ocean awareness, recycling and science in an enjoyable outdoor experience.

The consurfvation camp will include both boys and girls this year. The children come from the Boys and Girls Club, the Latino Health Access and this year will include the YMCA.

The program is administered by the board of education with certified educators and program runs from June-August.

In 2012 they provided a camp experiences for 580 children underprivileged and low income youth. Our goal for 2013 is to send 630 children to camp.

A donation of $90.00=sends 1 child to camp.

ConSurfvation Camp

Provides children with a hands on educational experience thru beach clean ups, art projects and educates them about the negative effects of plastic pollution on our marine life and the eco system. Children build self esteem & confidence thru surfing and yoga while learning about the importance of global citizenship. The program runs the month of July.

In 2012 we sent a total of 800 children to our consurfvation camp.
“Our Goal for 2013 is to provide 1,000 children with our camp experience.”, says Tanna Fredrick, Camp Leader and Eco Celebrity

A donation of $50.00=1 child to camp

Source: Project Save Our Surf


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