On her way to camp, my Green Living Guy wife, Jessica struck a pose for the cameras. All for the Plug-in For Charity program at #pluginforcharity @pluginforcharity with the Toyota plug-in hybrid Prius.

Green Living Guy wife drives Plug-in Toyota Prius
Green Living Guy wife drives Plug-in Toyota Prius

Prius Prime Challenge

So yes the Green Living Guy wife in this picture was on her way to camp with our boys.  All driving in the Toyota plugin Prius. So during the month of the Prius Prime challenge, to make things harder I allowed my wife to drive the car first. So while I might have lost the event, my wife enjoyed the car for that time! As you can see from her face!

I lost the challenge but more people won!

The goal for the Challenge is to encourage participants to achieve high mileage numbers by taking advantage of the Prius Plug-in’s EV Driving Mode, as well as practicing daily fuel and energy-conserving driving techniques..

Rules for the challenge

To be eligible to win, participants must drive a minimum of 500 miles total and 75 miles each week. The highest overall MPG according to the Prius’ trip computer per 30-day challenge wins a $2,500 contribution, with second-place finisher earning $1,000 and the third-place finisher winning $500. All participating companies will also receive a $200 gas card.