Small Start-Up Electronics Recycling Program Sprouts

With winter making the USA an ice-cube and being inside most of the time, it’s time.  You can still clean up your old stuff. Here are tip/tricks and including a tip from New York based, an electronics recycling program.

Valuable De-Cluttering Tip by
Uncover hidden value in your old electronics by recycling them properly this spring cleaning season
· Don’t throw away your old iPod or Blackberry. So consider recycling it. pays consumers cash for their old working or non-working electronics.  Then they recycle them to the highest extant possible. For example, Guzu offers $200 for used/working iPhone 4 and offer $80 for a broken one.
· Please remember to check these hidden gadget gold mines to go green, get green and plant green!
o Office Desk Drawers (old blackberry)
o Car’s glove box (old iPod)
o Junk drawers (old Texas instrument calculator)
o Children’s playroom (gaming units)
o Garage/Shed; Attic; Basement

E-Cycling by the #s & Quick Guzu Facts:
Again, regardless of the value of your order, Guzu will still recycle it. Then they will plant a tree and cover the shipping of the electronic. Yes folks, no matter how clunky it is.

Presently, there are over 3 billion consumer electronics in homes all across America. Most importantly and most likely, the non-working cell phones, gaming units, laptops and other out-dated electronics are lurking deep in the back of your junk drawer. Worse, or hogging up space in your basement. These abandoned electronics go untouched and often are not recycled.  Recycled properly and or end up in landfills.  Thereby adding to the already 3 million tons of e-waste getting dumped each year.

Most noteworthy, in its first month, the company recycled 3,400 pounds of e-waste.  Also and since then has recycled an average of 3,500 extra pounds per month. To date, the young start-up has recycled 200,000 pounds of e-waste.  In addition they have helped businesses and schools across the country.  Wow, can you say: That’s from New York City to Sleepy Eye, Minnesota; thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, this comes at a time of unprecedented growth for the Consumer Electronics Industry.  Forecasted by to reach over $289 billion by 2014.
In conclusion and Ironic that over 500 million consumer electronics sold annually. With so many of these electronics get thrown away or stashed in junk drawers. Please note, that’s with only a very small part being sold on resale sites. You know like eBay and Craigslist. Finally, one that requires little work by the consumer.

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