Truck retrofit project to save fuel and money, and reduce 21 tons of particulate matter and 1,364 tons of greenhouse gases

(Denver, Colo. – February 20, 2014) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the Utah Department of Environmental Quality a $496,000 grant to reduce diesel emissions from heavy- duty trucks based in seven counties along the Wasatch Front, an area challenged by levels of particulate matter that exceed federal air quality standards.

“Getting Utah’s trucking fleets up to speed with technologies that dramatically reduce pollution, including harmful fine particles, is a step towards healthier air quality,” said Shaun McGrath, EPA’s regional administrator in Denver. “We know that improving air quality in Wasatch Front communities will require solutions from all types of emission sources. These types of clean diesel investments offer significant fuel and cost savings and set an example for efforts to secure clean air.”

This project will focus on retrofitting 19 long-haul trucks, based in Utah, with exhaust control devices that will reduce particulate matter emissions up to 90% and idle-reduction technologies that will reduce engine idling time by more than 8,000 hours. Bingham Livestock, Intermountain Rigging and Heavy Haul, L & S Transport, and Sugar House Van Lines were selected to participate due to their activity in areas along the Wasatch Front. The project will also replace two outdated vehicles operated by C.R. England Global Transportation and Pacific States Cast Iron Company with new ones that meet high emissions standards.

Investments in clean-diesel technologies save money and reduce premature deaths, asthma attacks, respiratory ailments, lost work days, and many other health impacts that affect the region every year.

In addition to the important health benefits, EPA’s grant will result in the reduction of:
48 tons of nitrogen oxides
21 tons of particulate matter (PM 2.5);15 tons of hydrocarbons
83 tons of carbon monoxide; and 1,364 tons of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

It will also save 83,462 gallons of fuel. At over $4.50 per gallon, it’s $375,579 of savings annually to these truck fleets in Utah!

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