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All the time in my house, I had been using compact flourescent lighting (CFL) dimmable bulbs. However, in celebration of my book Green Lighting, I thought it was a good time to start switching out my lighting a few years ago.

Yes, CFL bulbs are a good start if you have a problem just switching over from incandescent like a lot of my original clients did.

Green LightingNow I use MSI Lighting primarily and some Philips LED lamps with some Cree lighting sprinkled around. Yet MSI Lighting has always stood the test.

MSi Lighting iPAR-38 LED Lamp
MSi Lighting iPAR-38 LED Lamp

However, it’s better with Light Emitting Diode (LED) because your wives have a better chance of loving the light it produces and heck of a lot less energy. I even had some of the current CFLs are the GE 23 watt CFL bulbs. I went to a 10 watt MSi LED.
Toshiba A lamp LED
Even better now, I can change the bulbs in my son’s room over to LED. The bulbs I have are currently incandescents (65 watt) that we use on dimmers at half the voltage. That was because my wife hates the CFL bulbs. Now we can cut cost to the LED 10 watt PAR 30 or even 9 watt PAR 30 bulb. I can tell you the bulbs last 25,000 hours vs less than 6,000 hours. So you will probably need to change them in a long long long long time!

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