Nine West went MSi LED Lighting Saving Millions

Nine West went MSI LED Lighting

With hundreds of stores nationwide, MSi Lighting is the LED bulb company of choice for Nine West.  As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, it is saving millions for the stores.

Nine West (also 9 West) is a fashion wholesale and retail company best known for quickly translating runway trends into styles attainable by mass consumers.

Initially founded as a fashion footwear brand, Nine West has since expanded into handbags, sunglasses, legwear, outerwear, jewelry, belts, watches, cold weather accessories, hats, scarves and wraps, and eyewear.

Ad campaign this season for Nine West stores gone MSi LED lighting. MSi’s VP of Sales & Marketing John Burke explains, “Many top retailers have told us our CCT (color) is more accurate, our CBCP (Center beam “punch”) is much stronger and our consistency from one lamp to the next is extraordinary.” Msi has enjoyed record sales each of the past three years, including major installations with Macy’s, Nine West, Jones New York, TD Bank, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Francesca’s Collection, Verizon Wireless, Rooms To Go, Thomasville Drexel Heritage and countless more.

Ad campaign this season for Nine West stores gone MSi LED lighting

Mr. Burke adds, “Many retailers are a little concerned about the initial investment of converting to LED lighting, but if they take the time to run the numbers, they’ll see that switching over produces a great return on their investment.” MSi has carved a strong presence in the PAR lamp category, and has just launched their latest innovation, the lighter, brighter XPAR line. “We’re honored by this recognition. And, we’re just getting started! When people like Macy’s and Rooms To Go totaled up all the savings, they discovered that over the 13-year lifespan of the iPAR’s they would save staggering amounts, and make a major contribution to the entire chain’s bottom line. The real bottom line is this – investing in MSi lighting is like putting money in the bank.”

The custom optics in MSi lamps are specifically designed and custom-optics-why engineered for accent and spot lighting applications. These optics feature high CBCP to spot merchandise without loss of peripheral light or wide beam angles and smooth lambertian patterns to meet the general lighting needs without any watermarks, shadows or lines.

English: Nine West, South Shore Plaza, Braintree Massachusetts Date 17 January 2012 Source Own work Author John Phelan

As the head of finances for The Jones Group recently stated:

“Our efforts to enhance profitability are showing some early signs of success. We are experiencing growth in the majority of our core brands and are continuing to diversify our portfolio in favor of the areas that we believe offer the greatest opportunity for revenue growth. However, we believe we can do more to strengthen results. The strategic actions announced last week are designed to substantially improve the performance of our domestic retail business, and create operational efficiencies and reduce costs within the wholesale channel. At the same time, we continue to focus on delivering quality products that resonate with our customers.”

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