MSi LED Lighting Getting Profiled since they are Real

MSi Lighting iPAR-38 LED Lamp

The business journal’s nationwide are starting to hear about MSi Lighting. Besides getting investments from 3M recently, they we’re talked about in the South Florida Business Journal.

Here is an excerpt:

South Florida companies are gearing up to capitalize on the latest innovations in efficient lighting, which include light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures.

LEDs provide longer-lasting, more-efficient light without heat, which can also save on air-conditioning bills. New advances by Purdue University and other research have lowered the cost of LEDs, but it’s still considerable: One bulb can cost $50 or more….

MSi Lighting iPAR-38 LED Lamp

The company grew out of the mining industry in South Africa, using LED lights on miners’ caps or helmets. Now, MSI has new technology for commercial usage, including its iPar38 light. The company says the light will last 13 years in a business environment, burning 12 hours a day, every day.

For the entire story in the South Florida Business Journal

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