I really like writing this story since it came from the heart.

While there are many many stories on green business that occur every single day, some are confusing and others tell you a political perspective. I can tell you I’ve been working on green lighting since the early 2000s, and things are not only getting interesting, they are helping our economy. MSI Lighting is just one company that is expanding, growing and wants to get bigger in America for green jobs.

Let me explain.

MSi LED Lighting up the Liberty Bell

Green Lighting as we coin in our book in my Green Guru Guides series is when lighting is better for the quality of light, the efficiency of the light and the cost versus energy savings. While we have heard of squiggly lined CFL bulbs that are going to wreck the moral fabric of our society, that is not the case. While I used to be into CFL and there are some applications, I would say to the person that does not read MOTHER EARTH NEWS on the regular to buy them if you cannot be hindered by cost; just oversize it a little. So if a 12- or 14-watt bulb doesn’t work in regard to your happiness, then please by all means go to a 23- or 26-watt compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). Why do I say this? I’d rather you switch that incandescent bulb. So go ahead. It won’t hurt. It might take a little to warm up, but

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MSi Lighting for outdoors is great
once it does, watch out. Plus you’ll save money due to the energy savings from a 100-watt lamp or 75-watt lamp. Either way you, the energy and environmental savings are exponential at that time (up to only 10 percent of your energy bill and maybe 10 percent on cooling costs).

Now if you want to make a really big splash you go for a light emitting diode (LED). I have those all throughout my house from my corporate sponsor MSI Lighting. For the record, I also have LEDs from Cree, Toshiba, Bulbrite and others that I tested and wrote stories about on my Green Living Guy website. Regardless, I save a lot of money. In high-paying electricity rates, I saved about $200 per month (including now I have an Energy Star washer and dryer but that was after the savings; we’ll get into that in another story).

So my buddies at MSI are at places you probably know of, have traveled to or seen. They light up Macy’s, Jones New York, Abercrombie and Fitch, San Diego Air and Space Museum, plus the Liberty Bell. Yes, if you see Liberty Bell herself, it’s lit up

MSi Lighting iPAR-38 LED Lamp
MSi Lighting iPAR-38 LED Lamp
from them. The National Park Service has chosen the super-efficient MSi iPAR 38 LED lights to illuminate the Liberty Bell in downtown Philadelphia.

Read more: http://www.motherearthnews.com/green-homes/msi-green-lighting-lights-up-saves-money-energy-plus-our-environment.aspx#ixzz2zOLovclj

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