SAN FRANCISCO… Matter of Trust, an ecological public charity, is helping to revolutionize and green oil spill cleanup through innovative thinking that promotes environmental sustainability. And you might already be a part of this program every time you get your hair cut. Thousands of salons, pet groomers, fleece and wool farmers (alpaca, llama, sheep, goat…) are signed up to donate waste fibers through Matter of Trust. Alerts go out to members to mail in boxes of waste fibers so that they can be made into oil spill clean up containment booms and help keep our water ways clean.

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A huge International Natural Fiber Recycling mobilization took place to help get hair boom to the Gulf Coast Spill. We had 19 donated warehouses spread along Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida that received hair, fur, fleece & nylons from donors all over the U.S., Canada and 30 other countries! Thousands of volunteers signed up to have Stocking Stuffers and Bar B Q parties where they made the boom. Amanda Bacon in Alabama created the term “Boom B Qs.”

There are over 370,000 salons in the US alone (although we receive hair from many generous international stylists as well). Each salon sweeps up a pound of hair clippings a day on average. “This is a community building and safe way for the general public to be involved in helping the to clean the environment. It’s a delightful program!” says Lisa Craig Gautier, Matter of Trust founder. The hair mat was invented by hair stylist Phil McCrory. Phil and Lisa have been promoting this natural solution for years. However, word really got out when the 2007 Cosco Busan oil spill in San Francisco brought this to the attention of the media just as the green revolution was reaching the tipping point.% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

Matter Of Trust, established in 1998, is an ecological public charity that concentrates on man-made surplus, natural abundance and eco-education.

Source: Matter of Trust