First of all, the Los Cerritos Center is a super regional shopping mall located in Cerritos, California. For it’s one that has gone solar to save cash and energy.

Since September 1971, the Los Cerritos Center has been an integral part of the city of Cerritos’ tax revenue. Furthermore, the mall is also the city’s largest revenue source. Thereby producing $581 per square foot in sales. Then every year totaling more than $296 million total in 2010.

The tax revenue also generated from the Los Cerritos Center for its host city. Combined totals to moreover than approximately $3 million a year.

For example and as I have written before, solar pays back. I mean the minute the utilities approve the interconnection. Then you are most noteworthy instantly saving. That’s especially in a place like California.

In addition, the facility is managed by The Macerich Company. As well as the mall is served by Metro Local lines. I have heard the 62 & 130 lines. That’s as well as the Metro Express line: 577.

In conclusion, the design was completed in 2010. It also includes three main corridors with some extensions.

Finally and besides a solar PV system that Ed Begley Jr helped launch; skylights were added. That’s to take advantage of the Southern California sunshine. Finally and marble and stone were added to the walkways. All along with seating and landscaping.

Moreover and for the video on
20140525-220933-79773691.jpgLos Serritos does solar

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