Woody Harrelson Partners With Step Forward Paper

Woody Harrelson Partners With Step Forward PaperBesides having the honor to speak to Woody about Step Forward Paper, I also wrote a story about his great company in Mother a earth news. Yet, he did not get a shout out types on the post! Sorry Woody and my buddy Dayna Reggero!!! My fault!

Here is an excerpt!!

Step Forward Paper is a new type of paper made mostly from wheat straw (80 percent to be exact) with the remaining 20 percent made of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood fiber. And Step Forward just got its biggest client: Staples in Canada. (That was easy!)

Guess who is helping Step Forward Paper? Woody Harrelson! You know Hunger Games, Cheers, Natural Born Killers and countless other great movies. I had the privilege to interview him about this private venture. He said there is just so much of this leftover straw that it’s senseless not to do something.

“Straw-based copy paper is a great example of an innovative product that uses a byproduct from one industry and transforms it into a solution for others,” says James Tansey, CEO and founder of Offsetters. “Offsetters is pleased to recommend Step Forward Paper as a sustainable choice for businesses and consumers looking to reduce the environmental impacts associated with paper use.”

“It’s always been a big concern of mine that paper comes from forests,” says Woody Harrelson, a co-founder and investor in Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc. The two-time Academy Award nominee and longtime environmental advocate, who received an honorary doctorate from York University for his environmental work, said, “Step Forward Paper is a real plus for the forest, and it’s a real plus for the farmers, and it’s going to be great for our future.”

For the entire story on my site at The Green Living Guy, please click here.

Read more: http://www.motherearthnews.com/nature-and-environment/woody-harrelson-partners-with-wheat-straw-step-forward-paper-considered-greenest-ever.aspx#ixzz33DAM5IZ1

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