So the Producer of the movie KICK GAS, Tiffany Raim wrote a story on about Tesla coming out with the Tesla D. Don’t worry, we’ll do a review of that movie shortly. However, it was an interesting article via content and information. Yet, the fact that the Top Ten included the use of Double D’s in a way that was funny made me read the article.

Now it’s not the Double D’s you might think. You have to read the Top Ten. For the entire story click on the As written:.

As written:

Tiffany’s Top Ten on Elon’s “D”

With the recent Tweet from Elon Musk on “unveiling the D” (we dearly hope this isn’t a thinly veiled euphemism), along with “something else,” let your imaginations run wild as to what that “something else” is after he unveils his “D”.

I do frankly like her style of writing and think it’s a new fresh, funny, sexy (nothing wrong with liking things sexy; right) and new approach to writing about electric cars. With energy, vitality and fun.

Source: Inside EVs and Tiffany RaimIMG_2380.JPG

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