As you may know, the latest IPCC report called for a significant shift toward renewable energy by 2050, to curb emissions. Against that backdrop, the adoption of electric vehicles is increasingly important. NGOs such as the Sierra Club are ramping up their EV advocacy efforts and even forging strategic partnerships with leading automakers.

Charge and be green with Ford, SunPower and the Sierra Club

Charge and be green with Ford, SunPower and the Sierra Club

Recently, the Sierra Club, Ford and SunPower announced a new collaboration to encourage customers to go one step further by charging their plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicles using solar power. Through the program, Ford drivers will be able to purchase discounted SunPower systems for their homes, so they can charge their vehicles using clean energy. The benefits are threefold: decreased demand on the power grid, lower long-term costs for drivers and a reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

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  1. Would love to charge my car with solar and an aeroplane or two too.

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