Driving enthusiast Idris covered four countries in three days on a variety of roads in tough weather conditions documenting in a short film: British actor Idris Elba stretches the all-new Jaguar XE diesel to its limit on his European road trip

The 750 mile (1200 km) trip in the Jaguar XE 2.0-litre i4 163PS diesel begins at Idris’s former college, the National Youth Music Theatre in London

Idris drives Jaguar XE S 3.0-litre petrol 340PS with Martin Brundle at Spa Francorchamps racing circuit in Belgium
Drive culminates in delivery of the new Jaguar XE sports saloon to Germany’s capital for exclusive launch party and DJ set by Idris

Jaguar launched the final film in a series of short clips created to document Idris Elba’s epic road trip from London to Berlin in the new Jaguar XE 2.0-litre i4 163PS diesel.

Pushing the Jaguar XE ‘s acclaimed technology and economical credentials to the limit over 750 miles, the journey ends with an outstanding fuel economy figure of 65mpg despite tough winter driving conditions and the car being fitted with winter tyres.

Speaking about his XE road trip, Idris Elba commented:

“I had a great time driving the Jaguar XE in some pretty bad weather conditions – the highlight for me was hammering it round Spa with the legendary Martin Brundle.

“The car was a real head turner and I made sure I pushed it hard all the way to Berlin – so the most surprising thing was the efficiency, averaging 65 mpg. I also loved the in-car tech as I’m a big fan of gadgets, and the XE was fully loaded in that respect too – I even planned my DJ set list as I drove.

“I’ve long been a fan of Jaguar and its incredible sporting heritage. I like to push what I do and explore different areas of my expertise and that’s why this film project with Jaguar really appealed.”

Fiona Pargeter Global Director of Public Relations for Jaguar Land Rover said:

“We were very keen to get a car fan like Idris behind the wheel of the new Jaguar XE to prove the fuel economy credentials and be one of the first to test the in-car tech over a long drive. The journey took him through some very challenging winter weather conditions in Europe, on winter tyres on various road types to showcase this is a real world car, delivering real world results.”

Along the route, Idris stopped at F1 race circuit in Spa, Belgium where he met with formula one racing legend Martin Brundle for high speed dynamic driving in the Jaguar XE S 3.0-litre petrol 340PS.

750 miles (1200 km) and three days later, the film documents Idris arriving at an exclusive Jaguar party at Berlin’s Umspannwerk to celebrate the Berlin launch of the XE, where he skilfully delivered the sports saloon directly onto the stage in front of 200 excitable VIP guests. He later treated the party to a very special DJ set.

The XE is powered by a range of four-and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines offering a blend of performance, refinement and efficiency from 99g/km CO2 to 250km/h.

Source: Jaguar