Two new cleantech hubs at opposite ends of the earth have joined forces to expand the burgeoning industry across the world.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the state government of South Australia and Flinders University to link the innovative Tonsley industrial park with Prospect Silicon Valley, a similar project in the United States.

The partnership enhances opportunities for Australian cleantech companies to find like-minded US companies and helps American companies tap into new technologies and academic research.

“The agreement sets a framework that will help entrepreneurs in both Adelaide and San Jose to commercialise their innovations and bring them to global customers,” says South Australian manufacturing and innovation minister Kyam Maher.”

Tonsley, Flinders University, and Prospect Silicon Valley will share information and work together to enhance cleantech development and develop a lively community of partner companies both here in Adelaide and in San Jose.

“The MoU also commits the three parties to jointly promote and endorse Tonsley and the Environmental Innovation Centre in San Jose to national and international audiences.”

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