According to my sponsor A Lot To Say, they use AIRDYE® technologies to basically use air to dye their clothing versus. So by using AIRDYE® technology, they save 1,132,500 MJ of energy, 157,500 gallons of water and 57,500 kg of CO2 equivalent emissions. This analysis was performed by AirDye since their technology was in part used to make the shirt. This information was calculated from a Life Cycle Assessment of the AirDye® process. This data is verified through third party review of certified research. Data is available upon request. Industry averages for conventional process impact is derived from published data by government, industry and academic research.

AirDye® technology manages the application of color to textiles without the use of water for A Lot To Say.  It seems that AirDye® is a sustainable alternative to traditional dyeing and decorating processes. The benefits of using AirDye® technology are: does not pollute water, by using air instead of water to convey dye, no hazardous waste is emitted and no water is wasted.  It also:

  1. greatly reduces energy requirements, therefore lowering costs and satisfying the strictest standards of global responsibility.
  2. does not use boilers, screen printing machines, drying ovens, or cleaning & scouring chemicals, thereby eliminating major sources of pollution.
  3. communicates to the consumer the environmental benefits of products without sacrificing style or costs.

That is pretty cool to think that by wearing a shirt I can reduce my carbon footprint so easily. 

Amazing times we live in!!