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Vehicle Electrical Drive

The global medium and heavy duty vehicle (MHDV) market is changing. Especially due to environmental concerns. For those that are pushing commercial and government fleet operators. Especially to consider investing in fuel efficiency technologies and alternative fuels. Electric power for commercial vehicles has always been a challenge. All because of the size of the battery packs. For they are required to store and deliver enough energy. Especially to drive heavy vehicles over practical distances. It is not just the cost. All because size and weight can also significantly reduce the payload. All which is a major concern for fleet operators.

Electrical Vehicle gone Truck

Vehicle Electrical Drive trucks
The Motiv All-Electric Powertrain, installed on the Sacramento electric refuse truck, transforms a chassis meant to be diesel-powered to one with zero-emission all-electric drive, giving fleets an easier transition to a fossil fuel free future. (PRNewsfoto/Motiv Power Systems)

Electric hybrid vehicles are now being used in commercial applications where the improved technology offers major benefits. Especially for specific drive cycles that involve city driving in stop-start traffic. Plug-in vehicles are being developed for niche applications that can use onboard electrical energy to replace idling diesel engines or provide temporary power to buildings or tools at remote sites. Low-emissions zones in cities are also being introduced. Especially that will result in greater demand for vehicles that can be driven in electric-only mode. According to Navigant Research, global sales of electric drive and electric-assisted commercial vehicles are expected to grow. That’s  from less than 16,000 in 2014 to nearly 160,000 in 2023.

Navigant Report

In addition, Thins Navigant Research report analyzes the global market for commercial vehicles that use electric drive vehicle technology. For that’s in three main segments. For they are gas hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Also plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Forecasts for the two hybrid segments fueled primarily by oil-based products (HEVs and PHEVs). For they are broken out by region and by fuel. That’s gasoline and also diesel. Global market forecasts for sales and the number of vehicles in use. That’s segmented by country, powertrain, and liquid fuel. Also extending through 2023.

For more about this report and to purchase it from Navigant Research

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