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Electrifying long haul trucks or commercial vehicles have been a rapidly expanding market. So will be charging infrastructure and expected to continue growing for most commercial vehicle applications. Governments around the globe are acting to discuss air quality issues by drafting legislation to limit carbon and other vehicle emissions while simultaneously supporting the development of new technology options that create cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

Long haul electric vehicle charging a Tesla semi

Much of this growth has come from China’s rapid deployment of electric buses and increased offerings. That’s from both established and new manufacturers for medium and heavy-duty (HD) electric trucks (e-trucks). 

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Although e-trucks have begun to emerge on the market, there are still few strategies for electrifying HD trucks used for long-haul freight applications. Market players are working to design e-trucks and the charging infrastructure systems needed to support long-haul vehicles.

Charging infrastructure for long haul EV

Several companies are looking to be the first to break through. Long-haul is a very demanding application and poses many significant challenges to electrification, primarily a comprehensive recharging network.

This Navigant Research report analyzes the current state of the electric HD (eHD) long-haul truck market. It provides an overview of the new and established key players operating in the market. The report also explores the potential opportunities for growth and the barriers to adoption of eHD trucks. Additionally, the report examines how existing market alternatives to electrification may influence the future of the market.

Recommendations are also provided on how suppliers and manufacturers can take advantage of any coming market disruptions.



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