Oxford Photovolatics (PV) Ltd, an offshoot of Oxford University. For it has successfully obtained £8m to move their solar glass technology closer to market readiness.

The company has raised a significant amount of equity, more than twice the original amount, to speed up progress in developing their perovskite solar cells, which have the potential to increase efficiency of existing cells by up to 20%.

Oxford PV

Oxford PV has produced a variant of the cells which can be applied to architectural glass. For that’s leading to the production of electricity onsite. Especially with the potential to generate a large portion of the electricity needed for a skyscraper. Thus converting the structure into a “vertical solar farm”.

An image of a green field can be seen in the picture, with trees in the background. The photo shows off a field in lush condition, and the trees provide an interesting contrast to the grassy landscape.


Existing stakeholders, such as University of Oxford, MTI Partners Ltd, Longwall Venture Partners LLP, Parkwalk Advisors Ltd, and a selection of angel investors, took part in the funding round.

Kevin Arthur, Oxford PV’s CEO and co-founder, expressed his joy at surpassing their goals in the round of investment. For that’s despite the challenging solar market. He went on to state that the additional funds will aid in the acceleration of their development. Moreover and ensure their position as global leaders in this pioneering technology.

David Smith, the CFO, stated that the solar energy market has been growing quickly. So they are aiming to make solar a primary source of renewable energy in the future.

Data Learning Healthcare

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Source: Intelligent Building Today

The spin-out from Oxford that focuses on solar glass technology has secured millions of dollars in funding. This was revealed by Intelligent Building Today in March 2015.

Millions in Funding Awarded to Spin-Out Company of Oxford Solar Glass

Source: Oxford PV

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