So let’s Really Talk Solar and wind; shall we?! Because Earth Policy Institute Founder Lester R. Brown and colleagues provided the latest on the accelerating global & US adoption of clean energy, rejection of fossil fuels

WASHINGTON, DC – In sharp contrast to the frequent grim reports on the challenges of addressing climate change or scaling up renewable energy. So three leading environmental analysts will offer a frank and optimistic picture of how the world is transitioning from coal and oil to solar and wind energy. This is thanks to market signals including huge price drops and upticks in investment. All during a press webinar on April 16, 2015.

The webinar comes as Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute launches his newest book, The Great Transition. For it’s highlighting specific examples of how the global clean energy economy has gained momentum. That’s as more individuals, companies, communities, and countries make the move from fossil fuels.  Again that’s as well as away from nuclear to renewable sources.

Solar and wind The book offers an uplifting, realistic, and easy-to-digest roadmap. One that consequently everyone concerned about climate change and air pollution. Also excited about the rapid growth of solar and wind energy should read.

As Lester Brown let me know:

“The Great Transition is one of the most exciting books I’ve worked on. For decades, I’ve written about the need to shift to renewable energy—and now it’s happening.”

Latest solar installation brings Staples’ solar power to 14 Megawatts across its US operations
Latest solar installation brings Staples’ solar power to 14 Megawatts across its US operations

In conclusion, Brown and his co-authors Janet Larsen and Matt Roney discussed the dramatically expanding adoption of renewable energy. Finally and how to overcome remaining roadblocks to a clean energy future. The April 16th press webinar featured specific examples of progress including:

1. How solar is becoming a money-saving solution worldwide, from villagers in Bangladesh to corporations like Google;

2. That China is also now getting more electricity from wind farms than from nuclear power plants; and

Major new Yorkshire wind farm could power 2 million homes

3. How US states from Texas and South Dakota to New Jersey and Massachusetts are shifting from coal. More cover away from nuclear and certainly to solar, geothermal and most importantly wind energy.

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  1. Im glad air pollution was mentioned. Yes, the transition to renewables is well on its way.

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