ST. PETERSBURG, FL (April 24, 2015) – In honor of Earth Day, Mayor Rick Kriseman recently unveiled the newest sustainability feature of the city’s Sunlit City Parks program – a solar-powered mobile device charging station.

The charging station features four clear-cover enclosures for users to store and charge mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Two of the enclosures are sized for standard-size phones and two are larger to accommodate small tablets and larger smartphones.

A photovoltaic panel atop the station charges a sealed 12-volt battery. The battery powers the four-slot 48-watt USB power hub that can supply up to 2.4 amps of charging capacity per slot. (The stations do not provide alternating current (AC). Laptops and other devices using AC power cannot be charged using these stations.) Non-user accessible electronics are housed in a lockable enclosure mounted below the table for easy access. In addition, the charger’s controller has optional capacity for programmable nighttime lighting or other power needs that can be added to the station. Installed on a modular foundation, the station can be placed on any solid, level surface while retaining the ability to be moved to another location or stored if necessary.

SunSure Living, a local St. Petersburg company, designed the charging station. City employees were responsible for manufacturing. Each station costs approximately $2500 including fabrication and installation. Locations where charging stations will be installed include Crescent Lake Dog Park, Lake Vista Dog Park, Walter Fuller Dog Park and two locations in Vinoy Park.

Sustainability continues to be a cornerstone of Mayor Kriseman’s Administration and an important component of Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin’s Healthy City Initiative. On April 18, St. Petersburg celebrated Earth Day with its second annual free festival in South Straub Park along the cities renowned waterfront. While this was the second official Earth Day festival for St. Pete, the city is leading the way in Florida by implementing strategies for a sustainable future. St. Petersburg was the first city in the state to receive the Green Building Coalition’s Green City designation, and has been recognized for energy conservation, recycling, water conservation, fuel efficiency, landscaping and preservation of open spaces, and other environmental programs.

Source: City of St. Petersburg