Source: Intelligent Building Today
21 May 15 | Author Leighann Morris |

A US local grassroots project launched last year marked an important milestone yesterday with the dedication of a new home for a family of four in Greenwood, South Carolina. The house was built by the Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity on the site of an abandoned building. The project was supported by a Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) Conservation and Community Partnerships grant, which provides funding to revitalize local communities using wood products certified to the SFI Standard to provide safe, affordable housing with sustainable forest resources.

“To be able to take our passion for responsible forestry and support an initiative that brings people together to build homes and improve the living conditions of families is a social responsibility that all of us at SFI are proud to be part of,” said Kathy Abusow, president and CEO of SFI Inc.

“Our nearly decade-long partnership with Habitat for Humanity affiliates across North America has given us the opportunity to help provide affordable homes where they are needed most, including here in Greenwood, while highlighting the important benefits of healthy forests, responsible sourcing and sustainable communities.”

The family is the new owner of a three-bedroom, two-story and 1,080 square-foot house. The family donated 500 hours of time towards building their new home and has committed to acting as a local volunteer to help make Greenwood a more sustainable community.

“This project is intended to revitalize the Greenwood area by providing, safe and affordable housing, and to see it come to life by providing this family with a new house is a great feeling,” said Chad Charles, affiliate director, Greenwood Area Habitat for Humanity. “With the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, we are able to execute this initiative in an environmentally responsible way.”