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Let’s think the WaterSense program folks.

Summer has had many of us thinking about how much water we use outdoors. That’s especially in areas of the country facing persistent drought (which is now a fourth of the U.S. and 98 percent of California).

Xeriscaping. WaterSense campaign

To this end, the U.S. EPA’s WaterSense program has launched #WaterSavingYard Photo Challenge,

Share an Image

For they are asking people to share an image of yards that have been transformed. I mean from thirsty landscapes into beautiful, water-efficient spaces. One fan favorite and one entry that highlights a water efficient landscape will be featured. All by EPA the WaterSense program on its website and social channels. That’s as well as in other online media.

It’s easy to enter: you can upload your photo through the Facebook app, or by posting a photo on Twitter or Instagram with #WaterSavingYard. And last but not least, you can enter via email at

The photo challenge is intended to demonstrate that yards that are landscaped to use less water can also be beautiful.


This message is ever more important given that the average home uses 30 to 60 percent of their total water consumption outside. Moreover and half of that water is wasted on overwatering.

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