Upsetting News VW and Audi Rigged Diesel Cars to Act Green

Sad to report that cars I tested from Volkswagen and Audi sold in the US were rigging their TDI to be green. They were not green!!!

This accounts for about 482,000 diesel vehicles that had “illegal emissions control software” to have their cars act “cleaner in testing than they are in the real world”, the EPA announced.

According to Autoweek:

The software, included on VW and Audi vehicles from the 2009-15 model years with 2.0-liter turbodiesel engines, detects when a car is undergoing EPA emissions testing and turns on the vehicle’s full emissions controls. The software then switched off the full emissions controls during real-world driving, the EPA said in a statement.

EPA officials called the software a “defeat device” that allowed VW and Audi vehicles to fulfill emissions standards in lab testing, but emit nitrogen oxides at up to 40 times allowable levels in real-world driving.

The claims are also outlined in a letter and notice sent by EPA officials to VW executives.

“These violations are very serious, not only because illegal defeat devices result in excess emissions many times the allowable standard, but also because VW was concealing the facts from EPA, the state of California and consumers,” Cynthia Giles, assistant administrator for the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, said in a conference call. “We expected better from VW.”

Estimates of the initial fine could reach $18 Billion yet we know that the total paid put will be less. More importantly they will have to recall these cars to fix the problem. Let’s hope VW and Audi don’t rig the fix!

After their CEO admitted to using software to cheat emissions tests. The Volkswagen Jetta (2009 – 2014), Beetle (2009 – 2014), Golf (2009 – 2014), Passat ( 2014 and 2015) and the Audi A3 (2009 – 2015) are all equipped with the software and being recalled according to the EPA. The visualization below shows VW stock over the last year.

For all these cars I will be removing the reviews until this issue gets resolved. Thanks VW and Audi!