Volvo Cars takes on safety challenges in electric cars

Volvo Cars takes on safety challenges in electric cars

Volvo Car Corporation

Volvo Car Corporation’s work on electrification technology insists that each battery-powered Volvo be as safe as any other new Volvo car.

“We apply the same high safety standards to all our products but the safety-related challenges may differ depending on the driveline and fuel being used. To us, electrification technology is another exciting challenge in our quest to build the safest cars on the market,” says safety expert Jan Ivarsson, Senior Manager Safety Strategy & Requirements at Volvo Cars.

“A holistic approach and real-life traffic conditions are always the starting-point for our safety work. Based on our massive database with input from actual road accidents, we know where the focus must lie in everyday traffic conditions. The solutions we have developed for our forthcoming electric cars therefore take into account the situations that are unique to this type of car,” says Jan Ivarsson.



Everything from the way the cars are produced, used and serviced to the way they are recycled is analysed thoroughly and the information obtained is used to shape the development of the final production car.

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