Mod Cabinetry has launched the first-ever US platform for homeowners. All to design and buy eco-friendly, ultra-stylish, and totally personalized cabinets entirely online. The standout new service gives a non-toxic, couture twist. Most interestingly, to the humble kitchen cabinet. Therefore and connecting users with professional kitchen designers for a single flat fee.

Clients can use the platform to create personalized, high-quality cabinetry. That’s in collaboration with an experienced design team. The design process and cabinet purchasing take place entirely online. All in a move that revolutionizes the currently fragmented, frustrating, and often time-consuming processing. That’s of finding a non-toxic and beautifully crafted kitchen.


Taja di Leonardi, Co-founder and VP of Development of Mod Cabinetry said,

“Customers who want a personalized cabinetry layout often don’t know. That’s how to choose the right designer for their project. Plus, it can be difficult to obtain pricing quotes, especially without paying an upfront design fee. To bridge this gap, we’ve vetted professional kitchen designers. All for their experience and creativity. We have also created an online tool. One that gives the customer estimated pricing. Including all the finish options that Mod Cabinetry offers. We’ve taken the mystery out of the cost of cabinetry.”

The Mod Cabinetry platform brings together top-notch kitchen designers. All with customers for a flat fee of $299. Transforming its ethos of modern, non-toxic cabinetry. Thereby into a seamless, streamlined service. So starting is as simple as visiting the site. Then to sign up for the design package and complete the Kitchen Vision Interview. This proprietary online interview asks clients to describe their dream kitchen. That’s using a series of pictures to select from. They then mail the client a sample box with three beautiful finish options. All with finishes selected from Mod Cabinetry’s stellar selection. For that includes luxurious and modern Maple. Also, lustrous Walnut painted Alder and high gloss laminates.

Track Online

When it comes to the design work, the client communicates with their professional Kitchen Designer. I mean on Mod Cabinetry’s own online platform. Moreover, the project management space makes it easy to track correspondence, keep track of revisions and chat with their dedicated designer in real time. The final result is flawless full-color, high-resolution renderings that bring the design to life, with floor plans and transparent line pricing.

Mod Cabinetry rounds off the package by offering non-toxic cabinetry. Those that are built for life and designed for everyday living. Each cabinet is made in the USA and factory-assembled using hardwoods and premium hardware. It is created to be non-toxic from top to bottom. All the finishes are zero VOC water-based, and the casework is Greenguard Certified to validate that healthy home standards are met.

“Too many people believe that access to high quality non-toxic cabinetry at an affordable price is not possible, and we want to change that perception,” said Taja di Leonardi. “By offering affordable non-toxic cabinets that are built to last, Mod Cabinetry makes it simple for customers to realize their dream kitchen that is also safe for their family and budget friendly.”

Source: Mod Cabinetry , For immediate release, March 08 2016