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Finnish electric buses

Yes folks. For they will soon be acting as development platforms for smart mobility services in the Helsinki region. It’s used for boosting the creation of new user-centric solutions. Also, product development of businesses.

The Living Lab Bus joint project is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In addition, it’s launched at the beginning of 2016.

For it uses the Finnish electric buses acquired by Helsinki Region Transport. That’s as concrete development and testing platforms. All for businesses to validate their solutions in a real use environment. The buses can also be used for testing user-oriented smart services and technologies. Thereby ranging from user interfaces. In addition to passenger services to sensors. As well as transport operators’ solutions.


In addition to the Helsinki region, the City of Tampere is also participating in the project. Thereby exploiting the results in its own public transport development.

The project supports the creation of new services. All for transport service users and providers.

Moreover and the business operations of companies. For they are promoted. All by accelerating the cost-effective introduction of new solutions.

That’s because The Living Lab Bus acts as a display window. That’s for showcasing Finnish expertise. All the while also increasing the attractiveness of public transport. Moreover cooperation between various players. That’s as well as producing new research information. I mean on the needs of public transport users. As well as service developers.

Identifying utilization interests and needs of various players. All associated with implementing and using the development platform. Most importantly and setting some common rules for the operations are scheduled for spring 2016. After that, the project will be expanded. That’s by bringing in new players. Especially who will utilize the platform in their development activities.

The three-year Living Lab Bus project comprises the projects of Ajeco. It’s a secure multichannel communications. As well as, Cinia One. For they are a cloud services and interfaces. Also EEE Innovations. It seems they are smart transport ICT solutions. In addition , Foreca (weather and road weather services. Moreover and iQ Payments (mobile payment solutions). Finally and Linkker (electric bus). That’s as well as the supporting research projects by VTT.

In addition, Aalto University, University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. The enablers, supporters and utilisers of the project are Helsinki Region Transport. Also, the City of Helsinki, the City of Tampere and Tekes. Finally, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

Source: VTT

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