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Beeograph is focused on saving the bees. As you are well aware, bees have an irreplaceable role for the wellbeing of humankind, biodiversity and life on Earth, but statistics indicate that over the past years the population of bees has been continuously disappearing.


Bee Extinction

Although there are different theories, nobody knows what’s causing mass bees’ extinction around the world. And what’s more important, people know about this phenomenon. However  rarely come across ways to personally contribute. More importantly or find a solution.

The Beeograph team has developed a smart sensor-enabled beehive. In addition, it wants to give everyone the opportunity to help save the bee kind. That’s by creating the first open and globally collected database on bees. Also, gathering of much needed insights into the reasons bees disappear. A Beeograph is basically a sustainable beehive. One that’s equipped with high-tech sensors. So that it will amass a comprehensive database. Especially about the life of the honeybee family. Also it will analyze it. Finally and look into correlations between seemingly unrelated events.

That’s to find out when do bees stay healthy and happy. Especially what happens to them when they get sick and why.


The founders have been working on this project for 2 years and have created a couple of prototypes of intelligent beehives.

Now, the project is entering its crucial beta-testing phase that will lead to mass production and mass data gathering.  If the project gathers enough funding at a later stage everybody will be able to adopt a BEEOGRAPH beehive close to them and help their community preserve bees while having a spoon or more of honey, naturally produced by their own beehive.

Your voice is important! You can help us spread the message in your community. Moreover and show more people they can make their own impact to save the bees.

How can you do it?

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