With summer wedding season around the corner, many couples are deciding to go eco-chic with a green wedding. All by carefully planning ways to decrease the impact of their celebration on the planet.

For any green wedding stories you may be working on, I’d like to suggest the eco-friendly flowers. All from wholesale/DIY retailer EcoFlowers.com by Organic Bouquet. But I love Eco Flower who were on Shark Tank!

Did you know that over half of the florists in the U.S. use imported flowers that are sprayed with pesticides and fungicides? Not only can these chemicals be harmful to your health. For they also contaminate waterways and drinking supplies.

Local, Seasonal and Organic Flowers

Using local, seasonal and organic flowers that are never sprayed with toxic chemicals, lowers fuel consumption and is often less costly than ordering exotic species, which must be shipped. That’s an ideal choice for an eco-chic wedding.

Eco Flower can be an organic wholesale floral products. All flowers are grown in a manner that is not only environmentally friendly. However it also provides outstanding life enhancement programs. That’s for its farm workers and artisans.

Eco Flowers

All of its Instagram flower farms follow stringent growing practices which are monitored by multiple certification agencies and associations. When you purchase a collection of flowers from EcoFlower, you are helping to improve the life of a flower farm worker. Especially their family and the local floral community. All the while still planning the wedding of your dreams.

In addition, selection ranges from roses, callas, tulips and gerbs. In addition, hyacinths, sunflowers, alstromeria and blue irises. All products are certified eco-friendly and/or provide for environmental benefits. That’s through their participation in Carbon Offset programs.

Eco Chic Socially Responsible Wedding Flowers