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Urban Future Lab, New York City’s hub for smart cities, smart grid, and clean energy, announced today that it has accepted Go Electric Inc. into its ACRE business incubator. ACRE is a highly selective mission-oriented incubator program focused on supporting cleantech startups. Go Electric Inc. is a green-tech early-stage company developing the customer side of the meter energy solutions and services that serve facilities and utilities.

“We are thrilled to be a part of ACRE and growing a strong company presence in New York,” said Lisa Laughner, President & CEO Go Electric Inc. “We look forward to learning from the flagship program, and collaborating with other ACRE companies on energy opportunities in New York.”

Acre energy

Providing energy solutions

Go Electric is currently providing innovative energy solutions to New York City as a RISE: NYC program awardee. The RISE: NYC award is delivering Go Electric’s LYNC DR® equipment to four small businesses in Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach. LYNC DR® provides energy security 24/7 and lowers energy costs for businesses through peak shaving, power quality correction, load shifting, and demand response.

“We are delighted to have Go Electric join the ACRE incubator. Their offering is an excellent additional component in the market toolkit that will make Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision a success. Their ability to give participatory microgrid functionality to existing uninterrupted power supply systems is an extremely clever adaption of existing infrastructure,” said Pat Sapinsley, Managing Director of the Urban Future Lab / ACRE.

Located in Downtown Brooklyn, the Urban Future Lab and ACRE is a part of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. ACRE is home to 17 early-stage companies, with another 16 graduating from the program. Together, these 33 companies have employed more than 300 people. Moreover, raising more than $313 million in private capital and project financing.


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