Real Power of the Tour de France

Did you know that cyclists in the Tour de France expend the energy equivalent of 5,300 lbs of coal, 371 gallons of gas, and 27,000 hours of solar power production?

The team at calculated this by converting calories into kilowatt hours using data from the National Institute of Health. With the Tour de France in full swing, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to check out the full study.


According to the report:

A look at home electronics use wouldn’t be complete without considering people’s typical daily online activities. Energy from all of the Tour de France riders could power Twitter for about 9.5 hours, fuel over 17 million Google searches, or provide 1.2 billion minutes of Gmail use. For people who love the small screen, the energy expended by racers could power 48.5 years’ worth of YouTube videos and 235 million minutes of Netflix. (Better start popping that popcorn.)


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