The farmhouse sink designs are not a recent phenomenon. It has evolved with time to conform to contemporary tastes and requirements. Also referred to as apron front or apron, the deep, wide basin is sought-after for its ability to be quite an addition to any modern kitchen. Homeowners prefer this style for its practical and aesthetic appeal. Large families invest in it for its oversize, which can accommodate many dishes and water in one go. Those who want to elevate the aura of their cooking zone depend on it for its bold presence. You can also have your reasons to buy this style.

Whether you find its practical feature or aesthetic charm or a combination of both to be appealing, you can browse through a Kraus farm sink collection to determine a choice. No matter what you select, you can have a smooth day in your kitchen because of its versatility. The ergonomic front design of the basin will not create any pressure on your waist and spine, giving you easy access to the bottom. Plus, the spacious inner walls of the deep walls will store most of your dirty utensils. As far as the look goes, you can trust the farmhouse sink to be a beautiful addition to your kitchen.  

However, when you talk about appearance, it also depends on the color of a product you choose. In older days, you did not have many options. It used to be a choice between white and stainless steel in most cases. Today, this barrier is not there anymore. You get immense flexibility to be creative with your décor as even kitchen sinks come in different hues to vibe with the overall interior theme. Here is a quick glimpse into some of the people’s favorites to make your selection part a tad simple.

The color range in apron front or farmhouse kitchen sinks

Black farm sink

Black is evergreen and powerful. The best part about this shade is its ability to look trendy regardless of the era. If you don’t want to deal with dirty and stained surfaces regularly, you can find it a favorable option than white. The easy maintenance can convince you of its value in a busy place like a kitchen. You can add a black farmhouse sink in your kitchen’s central location if its surroundings have light tones. For instance, it can look incredible amidst an all-white theme of flooring, walls, and cabinets. For infusing the charm of visual contrast, nothing can be better than this. Kitchens with wood furniture and monochrome tones can also benefit from its warmth.

Gray farm sink

Do you want to add a touch of fresh breath in the kitchen? You don’t need to look beyond the range of gray sinks. It can be a perfect partner for any contemporary theme. If you have used plenty of white or black features in the interiors, you can use gray to break the monotony. For industrial designs and marble decors, it is again reliable. Kitchens with dominating wood, earthy, and textured tones can also accommodate it flawlessly. However, if you like to go bold with your choice, you can experiment with it safely. The combination of orange interiors and gray sink can be an ideal example here. It wouldn’t look flashy. 

Since modern kitchens use stainless steel items a lot, you can expect your gray apron front sink to complement the overall background effortlessly. 

White farm sink

Like black, white is also typical in the kitchens. But its timeless aura doesn’t make it look dull and boring. Even a small addition of whiteness can breathe lively energy into any space. So, you can imagine what it will do when you install a white apron sink in your cooking area. In white, you can look for composite granite sinks. The combination of elegant color and sturdy material will give your kitchen a desirable balanced look. At the same time, you don’t have to take any stress with interiors. White is versatile and can fit in anywhere.

Since it has an inherent sophisticated trait, you can dare to experiment with your décor also. You don’t have to restrict the color scheme for your cabinets, flooring, and walls to traditional choices. You can add anything and balance the different elements leveraging the presence of your white sink. 

However, whether you consider white to be visually attractive or functional, it doesn’t matter. The ultimate result can be gratifying.

Stainless steel farm sink

Stainless steel had adorned kitchens for a long time and is still going strong. It tends to be the first choice, mainly if you use stainless appliances a lot. With this sink, you don’t have to stress about the overall kitchen theme. From white to black to wooden décor, it can blend with any style to create a cohesive impact. And when you buy a stainless steel apron front sink, you can expect it to transform your kitchen to look professional. Plus, everyone knows stainless steel sinks are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. In farmhouse style, you can also get single and double bowl choices.

A single bowl stainless steel sink can be useful if you cook a lot in tall pans and pots. It will be comfortable to adjust them in the basin. But for a multitasking individual, a double bowl system can be more attractive. It allows you to store dishes in one side and prepare a meal on the other. Since double bowls can come in various formats, you may want to check what suits you better. Some models can have 50/50 bowl sizes, while others can have 60/40 or 40/60 arrangement. You have to choose from them based on your kitchen habits.

Anyway, farmhouse sinks in different colors offer you higher flexibility to remodel your kitchen as per your dream. If you have enough budget, you can go with composite granite, where you get to choose from various shades. Otherwise, stainless steel is also a dependable solution for a contemporary kitchen. For less, you can enjoy a long-lasting value.

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