Yes Taryn Hipwell Ms EcoDivas folks! Because it’s that time of year when we give thanks and shoutouts. Let’s start here: Taryn Hipwell and creating EcoDivas plus her organization Beyond the Label.

Taryn Hipwell, EcoDivas, Beyond the Label and Green Living Guy Thought Leader for 2016
EcoDivas, Beyond the Label and Green Living Guy Thought Leader for 2016

In addition, Hipwell originally created EcoDivas. EcoDivas partnered with TEDxLA to create a new series called Beyond the Label (BtL). It’s meant to educate consumers about the affects of their fashion purchases on: Economics, Environments & Human Health.

Her tag line! 

Educator. Producer. EcoDiva.

Choosing “knowledge is power” over “ignorance is bliss” is how we #MakeShiftHappen   

​~Taryn Hipwell

In addition,,Taryn bring happiness, joy and empowerment to everything she does. She’s also an educator, producer and you better not forget she IS the ORIGINAL EcoDivas creator!

YET ahem, just like the Green Living Guy, she is totally committed to creating fun, authentic and bold educational experiences, content & events that shatters stereotypes, shifts perceptions and changes lives.

Taryn Hipwell Beyond the Label and EcoDivasTaryn’s top 3 passions are Eco fashion, unique cultures (especially Zambia and rednecks) and the environment aka EcoDivas. Who can do RedNeck and Zambia. Common?!?!!!!

However she admits: “I’m a redneck in the sense that out of necessity I recycle my mayo jars for Tupperware, I can build a dresser from crates and I love to play in mud.”

So see now my mom is fixing the trailer out back. All to lug a couch across Florida for kin. Now that’s redneck. 

Then she finally admits Dance is a close 4th.

She also loves and loves off sharing incredible people’s journeys, obstacles, and successes. Especially with audiences so they too can learn, grow and flourish “ecodivaliciously!”

If that’s a word. LOL. Props for the promo though.

Beyond the Label
It starts so simple and yet artistic in its presentation.




1. Who makes your clothes?

2. What are they made of?

3. Where are they made?

4. Why are they so cheap?

​5. How are they disposed?

Then she doesn’t end there!



So Hipwell doesn’t stop there!! Uh oh. Drop the mic. She goes life cycle infographic on a Fashion Designer. So freaking awesome of her. OMG!!

Their Vision: Imagine a world where consumers knew the true ​environmental, social and health costs of their fashion purchases, and felt empowered to write a different story…

Yet Hipwell doesn’t stop there. She keeps going! That’s why she deserves this new award for Green Living Guy Breakthrough Thought Leader of 2016.

Taryn Hipwell at NYU - R.E.A.L. Speaker Series - Keynote Speaker
NYU – R.E.A.L. Speaker Series – Keynote Speaker
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