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Jim Brainard is the six-term Republican mayor of Carmel, IN. Recently, he has deemed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt “extremely liberal” for Pruitt’s assertion. Meaning that human activity is not a “primary contributor to the global warming we see.”

Jim Brainard Statement

In a statement later, Mayor Brainard is one of only four from the GOP to serve on an Obama White House task force for climate change. He has now revised his critique. Thereby referring instead to Mr. Pruitt as “extremely reckless”.

Jim Brainard

Jim also added he is not a scientist. However, he believes we need to pay attention to what people who have dedicated their lives to a field of study have to say.  So the scientists. In addition,  he’s also disappointed by the risky and extremely reckless approach taken by Administrator Pruitt. Especially when he challenges the scientists conclusions that humans contribute to global warming. For a true conservative would cautiously take the position carefully researched by the scientific community as correct. As well, a true conservative would hesitate to risk our future on nonscientific opinions. Finally, a true conservative would be prepared for the worst.

Brainard speaks out against Party

Some might see the Mayor’s willingness to speak out against his own party leadership on this issue as a bit risky.

(And the fact that Al Gore tweeted plaudits for him probably adds little to his GOP credentials:

But the Mayor is obviously quite passionate on this issue and is eager to show Americans that “conservative” can mean someone who cares for the environment rather than allowing it to be further destroyed.


With the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as the new POTUS’ head of the EPA people are concerned. For one might wonder what kind of job he will have to do. While there are many questions hanging over the head of EPA Administrator-designate. Some of them may be answered by a few weeks or perhaps months of Mr. Pruitt’s work as Mayor of the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Given that there are a lot of people in this country who are concerned about the EPA. I mean the most significant thing to take from the news that Pruitt was picked to lead the agency is how the EPA is controlled. As well as managed within the city of Tulsa. The motivation and the vision of Scott Pruitt have been closely scrutinized by progressive and environmental groups. Because it seems as though a lot of what they say about him may be true.


That’s because he is a climate change denier. As well as a close ally of the oil and gas industries. I mean one who is not particularly interested in regulating them. That’s even though there are a number of reasons to believe that they need to be regulated.

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